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Horoscope Explorer 3.81 Pro + Crack
ShivaDate: Tuesday, 31-05-2011, 12:44 PM | Message # 1
SDM Mega Member
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Horoscope Explorer is the world’s best-selling Vedic Astrology Software. It can generate your Horoscopes (Janm Kundali), Give you Yearly Predictions (Varshaphala) and do Marriage Match Making (Vivah Milan) in 10 languages including English plus 9 Indian languages.

Marriage Match Making
Detailed marriage Match analysis for the boy and the girl based on 36 Kootas.

Basic Birth details for boy & girl Boy & Girl’s Planetary position Boy
and Girl’s Lagna Kundli
Guna Score Table with score result Manglik Checking Extended Match with Mahendra,
Stree-deergha & Rajju Kootas

Varshaphala Section
Monthly predictions based on Mudda Dasha Predictions for Varsha Kundali Predictions
for placement of planets in Varsha Kundali Predictions for Muntha, Varsheswar
and Varsha Ascendant

Varsha Kundali & Lagna Muntha sign & house Varsheshwar Planetary positions
for the varsha Patyayini Dasha Mudda Yogini Dasha Mudda Vimshottari Dasha Panchvargeeya
Bala Dwadashvargeeya Bala Harsha Bala & Upgrahas Panchadhikari & Sahams.

Key Features:
* Visual transits lets you see planetary movement in a chart on the fly.
* See all kundlis on a single page using the Chat Navigator.
* Fast & Easy to use even by amateur computer users.
* Print your name on the front page of the Horoscope.
* Make ‘Modules/Sets’ of pages for printout to print only selected topics in
a jiffy.
* Four types of Ayanamsh - Lahiri, Raman, KP & Sayan Rehu Ketu positions
by Mean & True method.
* Editable database of Country & City Longitude & Latitudes
* Three types of Kundli Styles - Northern, Southern and Eastern
* Differing calculation depending for Northern and Southern India according
to prevalent standards.
* Page designer for making own colour schemes.
* Save kundli in software.
* Print any topic, facility to make sets (modules) for printouts.
* Print on any printer including Laser, & Inkjet
* PDF Export & Directly Email Language horoscope thru the Internet.

* Over 250 Planetary Yogas & Results
* Detailed results of planetary conjunctions.
* Predictions on heads like Specific characteristics, Mental qualities.
* Physical attributes, Health, Education & Profession, Wealth & Inheritance,
Marriage & Married life, Travel & Journeys, Lucky Stone Recommendation
* Predictions For Birth Nakshatra
* Predictions for Bhavas
* Results for placements of Planets in signs & Bhavas

Ghat & Avakhada Chakra Favorable & Unfavorable Points Planetary positions
at birth time Lagna kundali Bhav Table & Chalit Kundali Chandra Kundali
Shodash varga kundlis including Hora, Drekkana, Chathurathamsa, Saptamsha, Navamsha,
Dashamsha, Dwadashamamsha, Shodashamsha, Vimshamsha, Cathurvimshamsha, Saptavimshamsha,
Trimshamsha,Khavedamsha, Akshavedamsha, Shashiamsha.
Sun & Weekday based upgrahas (Parashara & Kalidasa) Ashtak Varga with
Trikon Shodhan, Ekadhipatya Shodhan & Shodhya Pinda
Graha Maitri Chakra Sudarshan Chakra & Nav Tara Chakra Planetary Karakas
of three varities (Sthira, Sapta, Ashta)
Planetary Avasthas of 6 varities Planetary Conjunctions & Aspects Parashari
Aspects Shani Saadesati Shadbala
KP Planetary positions & Kundalis KP House Cusps
KP House planet significators KP Sub Lord significators KP Ruling Planets Jaimini
Lagnas & Kundlis Jaimini Sphutas & Karakas Jaimini Aspects
Vimshottari Mahadasha and Pratyantara Dasha
Tribhagi Dasha & Yogini Dasha Shat Trimsha Dasha

These 10 Languages in A Single Pack

* English
* Hindi
* Bangla
* Gujarati
* Kannada
* Marathi
* Malayalam
* Tamil
* Telugu
* Oriya

1. Install HorExProEng.exe in setup folder.
2. Copy HoroExPro.exe, BCHAKRA.DLL, BCHAKRA.LIB from Crack folder to installed application directory.
3. Copy Lag1, lag2,...lag8 folders from Crack -> Language Pack to installed application directory -> Stuff. For eg: C:\Program Files\PublicSoft\HoroExPro\Stuff

Now Run The Application Using HoroExPro.exe
Available for users only

prem7300Date: Sunday, 16-02-2014, 9:09 PM | Message # 2
SDM Newbie
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how to download this software..cant find download button. please help
jackereryDate: Friday, 08-07-2016, 7:01 AM | Message # 3
SDM Newbie
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Thanks for your such nice post.
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